Improve vital visual skills with VisionBuilder

VisionBuilder gives eye care specialists a new and engaging way to offer comprehensive vision therapy.


Engaging software that helps improve:

Movement & Space

Eye movement control

Peripheral vision and depth awareness

Motor Skills

Gross and fine visual-motor skills

Visual perception and integration

Focus & alignment

Simultaneous focus and alignment

Sustaining focus and alignment

Welcome to the VisionBuilder Web App

Part of a comprehensive vision therapy program

VisionBuilder is distributed through eye care professionals.
Ask your optometrist for advice on which parts of the program best suit your specific needs.

Your optometrist can tell you what levels and settings would be best for you and the continued development of your visual abilities. You may use VisionBuilder as a stand-alone tool to improve your visual abilities, but the use of any computer program will never replace the need for a comprehensive vision therapy program.

If you do not have a license key this will be provided by your optometrist.

VisionBuilder Web App

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“Since our office began offering VisionBuilder to our clients, feedback has been very positive.”


About the VisionBuilder Web App

VisionBuilder is a Web App that will run on any modern operating system.

VisionBuilder Home

This version allows patients to work at home with VisionBuilder activities. This is for resale to patients and is for one user only. The VisionBuilder Home license comes with a subscription for 1 year from the date of user activation. The subscription can be extended by the patient.

VisionBuilder Office

The Office version works as a patient management system for VisionBuilder activities for your clinic. Once you have created your VisionBuilder Office account the user credentials can be used to sign in from any device in your office. You can create patient profiles for all your patients, and Home licenses can if preferred be connected to the Office version for patient monitoring. The Office version includes the menu and activities from the Home version exactly as your patients will see it at home. The VisionBuilder Office license comes with a subscription for 2 years from the date of user activation. With an annual purchase of a minimum of 10 VisionBuilder Home licenses, the subscription for VisionBuilder Office is included at no extra cost.

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